GardenYards sprouted March 2015 and although the name is green our experience is like an old gardener that just ate some of Popeye’s own garden grown organic green spinach. Based in Ft. Collins we specialize in custom built garden boxes while also installing any backyard homesteading ideas.
Our motto is grow gardens not lawns and that is true, to an extent. So to be fair, we understand that you love your lawn and to be quite honest, we love ours too. That is why its our goal to find areas that have no use and add edible gardens to help you and your family eat and snack better and have fun doing it. Still not convinced? We provide maintenance and a weekly/monthly service to newly installed beds or already existing ones through the growing season. And if converting is what you want, then YES we can help :).

With years of experience, let us help you create a healthier, more affordable way to feed you and your family.

We are Gardens
We build, install and prep your perfect garden boxes using high-quality wood and re-purposed beetle killed pine from family-owned and locally operated businesses. Before install, ground is tilled to 6 inches deep. Boxes are placed and secured in with stakes and finished off with adding rich organic compost dirt.
Want a soup’d up garden box: try adding : drip irrigation, monthly garden maintenance, red wood upgrade, trellises, extended growing season add-ons, netting, side benches, top crown, or whatever else you can think of!

Want more? We can make it happen.
Chicken Coops, Compost Bins, Orchard/edible gardens, Flagstone Patios, Fire Pits, Retaining Walls, Walkways, etc.

Even More?!?! OK

Spring Sprinkler Start-Ups:

Let us help you get your sprinklers ready for the season. Start-up includes: sprinkler system programming, vacuum breaker insulation, zone coverage adjustments, minor repairs, and addressing any major issues for future repairs.

Spring and Fall Clean Ups:
Everything from cleaning up over grown shrubs to trimming your small trees to garden preparation and end of season clean-up. We can help.

Sprinkler Repairs:
Have a broken sprinkler head? A puddle of water in your yard? A leaky valve box? We can repair any issues with your sprinkler system, large or small.

Winterizing Sprinkler Systems:
Protect your irrigation! We will shut down the system, drain the valves and use a high-powered compressor to insure that your system will survive the winter months.


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